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tHESE ARE designed to promote broad-based participation and cooperation AMONGST youth and elders, elected officials and community members, and across class and race, in order to arrive at a vision of how to overcome persistent social inequities at a grassroots level.


  • To produce awareness and political education by organizing a network of five neighborhood Liberation schools;
  • To establish a culture of accountability and community oversight with our institutions of social welfare
  • To register 5,000 new voters
  • To innovate a cooperative marketing system for the local Black economy. 


#BlackMindsMatter- Afro-centric Identity


Purpose: To protect and nourish young Black Minds, through education inclusive to true African values:

1) We are currently identifying, articulating, and educating each other about the ways in which white supremacy is affecting the minds of our youth with the attitudes ‘Black Inferiority and White Superiority’;

2) We are crafting school policy reforms to eliminate the impacts of white supremacy on our youth within the school system;

3) We are creating a supplemental school network, Liberation School, in order to teach a history of self-knowledge;

4) We are holding ‘healing’ spaces so we can ‘Bury the White Supremacy’ within us all.

#BlackBusinessMatters- Economic Development

Purpose: to protect and promote support of the local Black economy.

1) We are identifying and articulating how white supremacy is affecting the Black economy;

2) We are crafting policy that can remedy racist policy and practices, demand funds for mitigation, and support the North Charleston Civil Coalition for Reform slate of policy reforms;

3) We are mapping out black-owned businesses in the Charleston area, and;

4) We are leveraging our extensive support network to conduct social media marketing for these businesses.


#WeAreWatchingYou- Accountability, Transparency, and Due Process

 Purpose: To enforce police accountability by instituting a system of neighborhood ‘CopWatch’ programs (while this continues with dedicated teams, we have expanded this campaign to include the videotaping of politicians, employers, teachers, and state agents with the goal of creating a culture of accountability).

1) We want to identify people who enforce regulations and/or ignore them with detrimental impact upon our community;

2)Those who translate and interpret policies into (non)actions with detrimental impact upon our community, and;

3)Those who uphold positions of authority and abuse them to the detriment of our community.

#YourTimeIsUp-Political Development

 Purpose: To Get Out The Black Vote and get white supremacists out of office.

1) We are identifying and articulating the ways that our elected officials have upheld White Supremacy over the years;

2) We are setting an anti-white supremacy agenda on a slate of policy reforms with the North Charleston Civil Coalition for Reform;

3) We are organizing town halls, voter education and voter registration efforts;

4) We are going to GET OUT THE VOTE and get white supremacists out of office!

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