We are organizing, educating and demanding accountability on the parts of institutions serving our community, in an effort to create the systematic change necessary to improve the quality of all life in the greater Charleston area, with a focus on communities of color, and African descent in particular.

Vision: We see ourselves being on the front lines against oppressive social and economic inequities in all forms, and on the frontier of developing collective responsibility for self-determination and the affirmation of each individual's humanity.


       Objectives of Mission

  • A. Improve the attitudes and experiences of the community of color in regards to Police.
  • B. Improving the safety education and awareness of justice in our communities
  • C. Improving Systems of Police Accountability w/ transparency: (i.e.Citizens Review Board)
  • D. Establishing a Network of Neighborhood Councils for Police Accountability: Cop-watch
  • E. Improving Police & Community Relationships for Public Safety in every neighborhood.
  • F. Measurably reducing instances of Police Misconduct  (Profiling, Aggression, ect.)
  • G. Putting a greater value on the Lives of people of color.
  • H. Make this work economically sustainable
  • I. Remain relevant to Influence Public Discourse! "We Won't Go Away!"
  • J. Increase the Political Power and Voice of the community of color.

       Strategy To Meet Objectives

  • A. Conduct Surveys and Interviews of youth, community, and police. Informed Policy.
  • B. Develop a Community Hotline, Holding Workshops, Healings & community dialogues.
  • C. FOIA to ID profiling/police misconduct toward POC leading to Evidence based policy reform.
  • D. Outreach to communities in order to establish a network of Neighborhood Councils.
  • E. Reform Community Policing Policy to include community-based initiatives.
  • F. Public influence on police recruitment, advancement, training, deployment, & policies.
  • G. Inventory media output for bias and Create our own media highlighting lives lost locally.
  • H. Fundraising, Donations, Grants, Social Enterprise #BlackBusinessMatters
  • I. Engage in Non-Violent Direct Action to support of police reform.
  • J. Introduce Ballot Initiatives for police reform and hold elected officials accountable.#NCCCR

                                 CONTACT US AT BLACKLIVESMATTERCHS@GMAIL.COM 

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